Worship Assistant

  • Acolytes
  • Eucharistic Ministers (EM)
  • Lectors
  • Ushers 

Sunday Mass involves the talents and gifts of many people. Acolytes assist as crucifers, and attend the priest in preparation for the celebration of the Mass. They also present the offering plates to the ushers, and receive them at the end of the collection. They light and extinguish the candles. They must be at least 10 years of age.They are trained by the Vicar.  EMs assist in the celebration of the Mass by administering the chalice at the time of Communion. Lectors are designated to either read the Old and New Testament lessons, or read the Prayers of the People. Ushers help to make visitors and members feel welcomed during the Mass. They greet each worshiper, hand out bulletins, and answer any questions.

Note: Visitors who are active in one of these capacities in their home church are encouraged to speak to Fr. Turner about assisting at St. Peter’s during their stay on Long Beach Island.

Christian Formation

  • Children's and Youth Education
  • Lenten Bible Study
  • Inquirer's/Confirmation Classes

Children's and Youth EducationAt 9:45 a.m. every Sunday throughout the year "Stories from the Bible" are  shared with children and youth pre-school through the 6th grade. The participants meet in the Parish House, and come to share in the Mass about the time of the Peace. "Miss Lisa" is their loving and caring storyteller.  There is always a time for crafts, and the exciting moment when the participants receive a "mystery gift" from the Treasure Chest!

During Lent the weekly Lenten Bible Study program for adults is held and designed to help each of us discover and deepen our relationship to God, and equip us with the necessary tools to minister within the church and out into the world.  For those who are new to the Episcopal Church, or those “cradlers” who are interested in learning more about the Church, its history, beliefs and liturgy, there is an Inquirer's/Confirmation Class. This class is a springboard for those wishing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, or "Received" into the church by the Bishop if they have already been confirmed in a church of the "historic succession" (this would include Roman Catholics and Orthodox and others).  


  • Altar Guild
  • Mission Committee
  • Communication
  • Music
  • Outreach
  • Volunteers

Many committed parishioners work uncomplainingly to serve God in his church. Altar Guild members prepare the church for the Sunday liturgy and other special occasions, as well as set up for baptisms and funerals. The Vicar, Wardens, and eight parish members comprise the Mission Committee. They provide oversight for the finances of the church and serve as a council of advice for the Vicar. Volunteers prepare refreshments for the Coffee Hour after Mass each Sunday. Communication is essential for the health of any church. The Lower Lights is our monthly newsletter. It can be accessed on this website by clicking on "About Us" at the top of the Home Page, and then scroll down and click "The Lower Lights." Members and friends of St. Peter's are encouraged to access parish information in this way - let the Vicar know this is your choice for receiving The Lower Lights. Hard copy will still be mailed to those who wish it.

Good Music and excellent musicianship are vital to the liturgy in an Episcopal church. Our organist, Ronald Kolla, is a graduate of Temple University with a Master's Degree in Music Theory. He is also as student of Law at Temple. For tuition expenses he is a Realtor!

St. Peter’s is seriously committed to supporting opportunities for Outreach.  Besides the mandate of the Gospel to lead others into a relationship with Jesus Christ, bringing them into the community of faith, there is the Gospel challenge to attend to the needy.   Food items and monetary donations are collected weekly for the local food bank at St. Francis Roman Catholic Church.  In addition to our Diocesan Fair Share giving, we help support the summer camping program for the Choristers of Trinity Episcopal Church, Asbury Park, we assist our Seminarian, Genevieve Bishop, with her expenses, as she prepares for ordination as a priest.  A special offering is received each year for The Fund for the Relief of Widows, Widowers, and Orphans of Clergy.  Each month the Mission Committee makes an additional Outreach grant or grants in the amount of $2,500.  Through the Vicar's Discretionary Account grants are given to persons in need, and other charitable gifts.  Our commitment to the support of the Diocese is a pledge of $20,000 which is 125% of what is asked of us.  In addition, we support our Seminarian, Genevieve Bishop, who is now a Candidate for Holy Orders.  In the face of disaster, through generous contributions of our members and friends over $100,000 has been given in the last decade for disaster relief on the occasion of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.  Six of us flew to New Orleans and were there for a week working in houses made uninhabitable by mildew.  

Our Garden Gang members don’t sport tattoos, but they do spend lots of energy keeping the church grounds well groomed!  These dedicated parishioners work tirelessly throughout the summer and fall weeding, planting and mulching this island oasis! Many visitors take advantage of our lovely garden to spend time relaxing and meditating.