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"AFTER 244 YEARS, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print." That was a banner headline in 2010. We all know why: Wikipedia. The digital age has made it very convenient for us to grasp articles of information with great speed, just an entry into a search bar, and "click" - right there at our finger tips. I never could afford Encyclopaedia Brittanica - I think the 2010 set sold for something like $1,400. I am very proud of a 38-volume set of books containing the complete writings of what we call the Early Church Fathers. As the digital age was approaching the publishers of that massive set of books - which take up 42 linear inches of shelving in our study - kept reducing their initial $2,000 price to the moment in time I bought the set at $285!

So here I sit, wanting to write something about Trinity Sunday and a person we know as Athanasius, who gives us the Creed that bears his name, a Creed that tells us more than we want to know about the Holy Trinity, and do I go to Volume 4 of the section of the books to which I'm referring, this section labeled "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers"? No. I go to Wikipedia!

Here's what I found. I share this information exactly as I found it on the Web.

"The Athanasian Creed, although not often used, is recited in certain Anglican churches, particularly those of High Church tendency. It may be found in the Historical Documents section of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal Church), but its use is not specifically provided for in the rubrics of that prayer book. Trinity Sunday has the status of a Principal Feast in the Church of England and is one of seven principal feast days in the Episcopal Church. Thomas Becket (1118–70) was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury on the Sunday after Pentecost (Whitsun), and his first act was to ordain that the day of his consecration should be held as a new festival in honour of the Holy Trinity. This observance spread from Canterbury throughout the whole of western Christendom."

Consider two things for Trinity Sunday at St. Peter's May 27: 1) since it is a Principal Feast in the Episcopal Church, we will have a Solemn Mass (with incense) at the 10 a.m. (this is the Memorial Day weekend*; we begin our two-Mass schedule that Sunday); 2) if you're having a period of insomnia, read The Creed of Saint Athanasius, p. 864-5 of The Book of Common Prayer Saturday night, May 26, as you lie in bed! From the Vicar


*Jesus tells us that his followers are "in the world but not of it." St. Paul reinforces this truth. The theme of the Mass May 27 will be The Holy Trinity. Our hymns will reflect the glory of God and God's Kingdom. Hymns with a national theme are not appropriate that day.

TREASURER NEEDED FOR ST. PETER'S. The Mission Committee is asking for someone to volunteer as our church Treasurer. We are in the process of hiring a bookkeeper who will do the work normally assigned to a volunteer church treasurer. The Committee wishes to find someone who has some experience in money management, budgeting, office and/or project management. The Treasurer does not have to be a member of the church, but should attend our Masses on a regular basis. 


The Treasurer's Responsibilities


1) Oversee the work of the Bookkeeper.

2) Prepare the necessary paperwork for our annual Audit for our Accountant, review the Accountant's report. (Copies are retained for Mission Committee review, and subsequent to that a copy is submitted to the Diocese.)

3) Prepare the financial information for the annual Parochial Report to The Episcopal Church.

4) Review and sign off on invoices before submitting to the Bookkeeper.

5) Prepare monthly financial reports for Mission Committee.

If you are interested in this position, please contact Fr. Don or any member of the Mission Committee. The Vicar and Mission Committee welcome this anticipated assistance.

IMPORTANT MAY DATES! BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES! Marie Stone (1); Richard Plunkett (7); Donald Furrer (7); Evelyn & Allan Anderson, Anniversary (10); Laura Sposato (11); and J. William Claren (31). Update the list? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or

ST. PETER'S GARDEN - A WITNESS AND A MISSION If you have ever wondered about the cost of maintaining our beautiful garden, oft-celebrated by "outsiders," you're not the first person to consider it. It is either an appropriate expense or a questionable one, depending upon your perspective. The seasonal, alternating weeks landscaping maintenance is a budget item.

Richard and Claire Patterson, of West Chester, PA donated the garden pond early in this millennium in memory of their daughter, Lisa. They continue to pay for all of the maintenance expenses related to the pond and its miniature waterfall. It is cared for by their son John, who lives in our area. Comments are often heard about how beautiful and peaceful a place it is. Hardly a day in the "season" passes without persons passing through the garden or resting there on one of the benches. The Vicar has seen two regular summer visitors, a teenage boy and a young girl, use the pathways as an avenue for meditation and prayer - a kind of labyrinth.

This summer Fr. Don and Candy are going to maintain a small cooler in the garden, stocked with bottled water (and a waste receptacle!) for our Island walkers and joggers. A portable sign will be placed on the boulevard with a written invitation to come into the garden "to rest a while" (an invitation Jesus used on several occasions). This will be a witness to our Christian faith and a mission of refreshment to the broader Island community.





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