The Lower Lights

BISHOP WILLIAM STOKES WILL BE VISITING St. Peter's on August 20 for the Consecration of our new additions. Details of his visit are still up in the air. It appears that we may have a carry in luncheon for him after the later Mass. If the consecration of the additions comes after the 10 a.m. Mass, the luncheon will start a little later than the time of our usual Coffee Hour. Stay tuned to Sunday bulletin notes, and verbal announcements!

WE WANT TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS to all of you who participated in the photography sessions for our new Pictorial Directory! A special thanks goes to Julie Grace for the complex coordination effort on her part, and we will thank her ahead of time for the graphic design of the Directory. She will have total responsibility for this work - she is a professional graphic artist.

OUR TOTAL PURCHASES OF JEWELRY and other hand made items in support of the African Team Ministries netted them $1005.00. A report from their office was an enthusiastic voice of appreciation for what they considered very generous support. 

JULY AND AUGUST ST. PETER'S HOSTS its annual Open House. Our thanks to Bill Spall, Jim Girgenti, Joanne Kranch, Linda Pugliese, Norm Pugliese, Don Cummings, Nancy Rudko, Maria Schmidt, and Bob Schmidt who have and will be serving as hostesses and hosts!

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE NEW ADDITION ON THE WEST SIDE of the church, take a walk through now. The addition is virtually completed. There are two lovely Handicap Accessible UNISEX bathrooms. One will be equipped with a baby changing station. One element about the new construction will stand out very dramatically: the addition looks like it was built in 1890 - just "spruced up." That was our intent. The simple Victorian elements of the church have been preserved in what's been added. You will note one distinct change in the Sanctuary (the area of the altar). A new, very simple Victorian-styled rood screen has been added. Most older Episcopal churches have rood screens, some of them extremely expansive and ornate. (Go on line and Google "rood screen.") "Rood" is from an old Saxon word meaning "Cross." If you look at rood screens on line you will see that many of them have a crucifix at the top center of the construction. Our screen was designed by the Vicar and hand crafted locally.


Note - The following from The Church of St. Mark & All Saints edited in the interest of space.

Many questions and thoughts have surfaced recently over immigration in the U.S. Many of us may personally know of people who fall under the category of either documented or undocumented immigrants who reside in our towns, worship in our parishes, or are even members of our own families. A resolution to become a Sanctuary Diocese was passed at our Diocesan Convention in March. In many of our parish families, discussions may have ensued either in favor of, against, or uncertain of what it means to be a Sanctuary Diocese and perhaps a Sanctuary parish/church.

Here at the Church of St. Mark and All Saints, Galloway, our Mission Committee, along with our parish family, is discerning a direction for us to take on this important topic. We readily admit that we do not yet have the answers!

To help us in this discernment process, we invited The Rev. Ted Foley, Deacon of Christ Church, Toms River, to join the Committee and parishioners, on Thursday, August 17th at 7 p.m. at the Church of St. Mark & All Saints, Galloway located at 429 S. Pitney Road, Galloway, to discuss this pertinent topic. Deacon Foley will define what a sanctuary parish is and what it is not. A Q & A session is also allotted on the agenda. In addition, there will be time to discuss amongst ourselves where we stand on the issue. (Deacon Foley is vice-chair of the Diocesan Task Force on Sanctuary Church). We are extending the invitation to anyone in the Convocation who wishes to attend and learn more about this important ministry.

Here is the link for more information on the resolution and the direction of the group - Refreshments will be served.

In Christ's Service, Fr. Terry O'Connor, Priest-in-Charge, The Church of St. Mark & All Saints, Galloway. Please contact Kathy O'Hagan, 609-335-8522 ( to register/more infor.

OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO SOFIA DI ANTONIO on her recent admission to the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland! Proud parents are regular summer visitors Kathy and Al Di Antonio. Al is the handsome guy (long hair) who is one of the drivers on the "tram" that takes us north enders to the beach. Al and Kathy reside in New Hampshire in the winter months.

AUGUST DATES . . . BIRTHDAYS! Kathy Di Antonio (3); Claire Ecker (4); Hannah Ciaston (10); Robert Shull (14); Warren (Dick) Evleth (15); Charlotte Seitz (15); Meg Cave (17); Robert & Maria Schmidt, Anniversary (23); Richard & Sally Potts, Anniversary (29); and Robert & Cynthia Shull, Anniversary (30). Update the list? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or

ST. PETER’S OUTREACH GRANT FOR JULY included $2,000 to the Discretionary Fund to help church families in need. That grant will continue each month for a while to assist with issues of unemployment and underemployment. A grant of $500.00 was give to the Fisher House Foundation in Rockville, Maryland, which helps military families.

The Rev'd Donald Turner, Vicar   Vicarage: (609) 494-5048  Cell phone: (609) 661-1663
Ronald Kolla, Organist (215) 704-4568