The Lower Lights

BISHOP WILLIAM STOKES WILL BE VISITING St. Peter's on August 20 for the Consecration of our new additions. It could also be a time of Confirmation/Reception/Baptism. If any of these are on your personal horizon, please speak with Father Turner at your earliest convenience.

FOR THE PICTORIAL DIRECTORY we have 41 "units" signed up for photography to date. The total number photographed five years ago was 52. We still have a number of our regular summer visitors who participated at that time yet to sign up. It is important to have them on board. So, we encourage you to schedule a sitting. Remember, by so doing you get a free lovely 8" x 10" portrait, and a free directory. You will also be given the privilege of purchasing additional photographs, which make excellent family gifts. The days scheduled for photography are Thursday, July 6 and Wednesday, August 2. Photography sessions are from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. both days. You may telephone the vicarage to schedule a time for your session (609) 494-5048 or you may register via the sign up sheets on the table in the rear of the church. Remember, you may bring your favorite pet to be a part of your portrait! 

JEWELRY AND OTHER HANDCRAFTED ITEMS COMING to St. Peter's! Every two years we host the display of the African Team Ministries handcrafted goods which include distinctive jewelry, salad sets, napkin rings, scarves, hand carved African wildlife, and other unique items. They will be on display and for sale in the Parish House after each Mass on Sunday, July 2 and 9. African Team Ministries, a mission of Anglican churches in east Africa, provides educational, medical, and other communal services to that region of the continent. All moneys from the sale of those handcrafted goods go to support the mission. A number of our "shoppers" look to this display for potential Christmas and other holiday gifts. Credit cards are welcome.

JUNE AND JULY ARE THE MONTHS ST. PETER'S hosts its annual Open House, and we are always looking for women and men to serve a greeters for those who visit the church. We host the event on Tuesdays of those two months, from 10 a.m. 'till noon. You don't have to know everything about the church to be a successful greeter. Sign up sheets for the Open House are on the table in the rear of the church.

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE NEW ADDITION ON THE WEST SIDE of the church, take a walk through now. The addition is virtually completed. There are two lovely Handicap Accessible UNISEX bathrooms. One will be equipped with a baby changing station. One element about the new construction will stand out very dramatically: the addition looks like it was built in 1890 - just "spruced up." That was our intent. The simple Victorian elements of the church have been preserved in what's been added. You will note one distinct change in the Sanctuary (the area of the altar). A new, very simple Victorian-styled rood screen has been added. Most older Episcopal churches have rood screens, some of them extremely expansive and ornate. (Go on line and Google "rood screen.") "Rood" is from an old Saxon word meaning "Cross." If you look at rood screens on line you will see that many of them have a crucifix at the top center of the construction. Our screen was designed by the Vicar and hand crafted locally.

IF YOU WEREN'T HERE JUNE 25 YOU MISSED a fantastic picnic! The last Sunday in June is the occasion of our Annual Picnic, near the Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul (June 29). A standing ovation to Joanne Kranch, Jim Girgenti, Tom & Marie Stone, Diane Garrenger, Roger & Mary Stead, Sue Hofer, Candy Turner, and all of you who piled on the goodies on the serving tables!

AND WHILE WE'RE SAYING "THANK YOU" WE ASK A QUESTION: Did it ever occur to you to wonder how it happened that all through the dust and dirt of the construction process the church on Sunday mornings was clean and ready for our Mass? Easy answer, but it was hard work: Jim Girgenti and Joanne Kranch. Of course, Altar Guild personnel continued their usual preparation, but Joanne and Jim would come in on Fridays and really give the church a thorough dusting and sweeping - after removing all of the protective coverings that had been in place during the week - altar, Sanctuary chairs, organ, and sometimes the pews. Then Jim would see to it that coverings were put back in place by each Monday. Once in a while you'd see Julie Grace and Candy Turner helping, but Jim and Joanne carried forth with most of the work. And one other thing. During any construction the magnitude of which we engaged, there is the inevitable inconvenience of the absence of electrical power. Not with Girgenti Electric!

GENEVIEVE BISHOP WAS ORDAINED to the Sacred Order of Priests on June 17 at St. Mary's Church, Haddon Heights. Over twenty people from our church attended. Lois Stiles and Father Turner were among the Presenters of Gen to the bishop for this Sacrament. Upon ordination Gen ceased to be a member of St. Peter's (our only regret - she now belongs to the Diocese). Unfortunately, while her partner Joan Malara is still a member of our church we will obviously see little of her, and likely Joan will unite with the congregation of St. Mary's. Our loss is St. Mary's great gain. But, Gen and Joan will always be a part of us in our hearts.

JULY DATES . . . BIRTHDAYS! Ronald Diamond (17), Lois Stiles (18); Donald Furrer & Katie Spikes Anniversary (22); and Adele Mount (31). Update the list? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or frdlt@outlook.c

ST. PETER’S OUTREACH GRANT FOR JUNE included $2,000 to the Discretionary Fund to help church families in need. That grant will continue each month for a while to assist with issues of unemployment and underemployment. A total grant of $1,000 was given for the Chorister's Camp provided by Trinity Church, Asbury Park. 


The Rev'd Donald Turner, Vicar   Vicarage: (609) 494-5048  Cell phone: (609) 661-1663
Ronald Kolla, Organist (215) 704-4568