The Lower Lights

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING Sunday, January 20, following the Mass. The meeting, as usual, will be in the Parish House. A light lunch will be served. We will be electing persons for two positions this year, a Vicar's (Senior) Warden, and a Mission Committee member. The Mission Committee, serving as the Nominating Committee, proposes the name of Mr. Walter Whimpenny, who has agreed to serve another term of two years as Vicar’s Warden. Acting as the Nominating Committee, the Mission Committee proposes the name of Nancy Rudko, to be elected for a term of three years as a member of the Mission Committee. Recently, the Mission Committee confirmed the appointment of Linda Pugliese, who is filling the unexpired term of Sue Hofer.

There are no nominations from the floor, per our Guidelines, but persons who have been Confirmed or Received in the Episcopal Church, and are members of St. Peter’s Church, may be nominated for either of the two positions, that of Vicar's (Senior) Warden and member of the Mission Committee. St. Peter’s has a procedure outlined for such nominations. Please see our Clerk, Julie Grace, for details.

We want to thank Susanne Gilbert for her faithful service as a member of the Mission Committee. Susanne elected not to be nominated for another term on the Committee. Her vacancy will be filled with the election of Nancy Rudko at the Annual Meeting. Of course, nominations for that position will currently be accepted if such are presented to the Clerk. The cut off time for the reception of nominations is noon on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

OUR SYMPATHY IS EXTENDED to Mary Haspel at the death of her father, Edward Wiegand. We pray God’s comfort and peace for her, her husband Bill Haspel, and to grandchildren Oscar and Georgia Haspel, as well as to the whole Wiegand family. A Requiem Eucharist was celebrated for Edward at St. Pius Church, Lacy, where he was a very active member, on Friday, December 28.

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord;
And let light perpetual shine upon him.

May his soul, and the souls of all the departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

OUR SINCERE THANKS to all of you who made our celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord such a beautiful, meaningful occasion! To the Altar Guild members, Joanne Kranch, Jim Girgenti, Candace Turner, and Julie Grace a special note of thanks. To Candy and Allacen Rathbun, who coordinated our lovely Reception following the Christmas Eve Mass — thank you so much — and to those of you who brought delightful edibles we are certainly grateful. Clean up crew: Linda Pugliese, April Albright, and probably others (always a risk of trying to name those would deserve a special note of thanks) — thank you, too! We have a lovely, caring community of faith, blessed by God in so many ways! Thanks to all of you who gave donations for flowers.

OUR ADULT BIBLE STUDY CONTINUES on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. at the Vicarage. Notice the change of venue. We conclude at noon with the reading of the Angelus. Currently we have five participants, with the Vicar. Coffee (and sometimes delicacies) is served!

THE “PASSING OF THE PEACE” or “greet(ing) one another in the name of the Lord,” is an option, according to a rubric in The Book of Common Prayer. (See the rubric at the bottom of page 360.) The declaration of the Peace must be said by the Celebrant, and the people are to make response, but that is all that is required. It is expected that when we do elect to “greet one another in the name of the Lord” that we simply turn to one another, with a handshake or a kiss (the kiss of peace, as it is known in the Christian scriptures), and say nothing more than, “The peace of the Lord be always with you.” It is not a time of conversation. We can do that at the Coffee Hour.

If you must move about the nave to greet others in the name of the Lord, so be it, but we encourage you to utter the simple verbal exchange, “The peace of the Lord be always with you,” and to receive the response, “And also with you.” Nothing more. Thank you for your cooperation — and the peace of the Lord be always with you!

IMPORTANT JANUARY DATES! BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES! Merry Wisler (02); Judy Putt (12); Genevieve Bishop (12); Nancy Perkins-Vice (12); Gregory Turner (31), and Ken Montgomery (31). Are you missing? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or

2018 HAS BEEN A YEAR OF EXTRAORDINARY expenses for our church. Emergency repairs seemed to come “out of the woodwork:” Parish House porch railing that almost collapsed with people from a funeral reception leaning upon it — that could have been disastrous; gutters for the two buildings (with a minor installation for the Vicarage). The gutters could well have been in place prior to an unusually wet summer. Hind sight teaches some hard lessons. Having to endure these expenses and others, we are grateful to all of you who kept up your regular support of the financial needs of St. Peter’s. It helped us to weather the storms (no pun intended), and we were still able to maintain our usual, significant giving for Outreach ministries.

A Happy New Year to all!