The Lower Lights

CHARLOTTE SEITZ REQUIEM EUCHARIST will be Saturday, October 13, at 4 p.m. A reception will follow in the Parish House. On Sunday, October 14 after the Mass there will be a time of remembrance of Charlotte in the Parish House. This is scheduled from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. All members and friends of St. Peter's are invited.

LATER THIS MONTH WE WILL BE SAYING GOOD-BYE to Linda and Bob White who recently sold their summer home on 5th Street, which they have owned for 45 years. They also have a home in San Diego. It will become their permanent residence. Linda and Bob have been faithful "summer members" of St. Peter's for many years and have made many positive contributions to the life of St. Peter's and the greater Island community. They are very active in a Presbyterian church in San Diego, supporting mission projects abroad and working weekly with that church's ministry to street people, which includes daily meals through the church's program called The Ladle. St. Peter's has supported that ministry through gifts. We will sorely miss Bob and Linda, but they assure us that they will be making treks back to the Island - they have many friends who will be welcoming them into their homes here. The Whites recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and Bob's 80th birthday. Godspeed, dear friends!

THE LAST TWO SUNDAYS IN OCTOBER you will find bulletin insets seeking the names of deceased family members and friends whom you'd like to have remembered at the Eucharist on the Sunday After All Saints' Day, November 4. We will have a Solemn Mass that day (among other things meaning that incense will be used). Make note of this special day.

OUTREACH GIFTS THROUGH THE SUMMER MONTHS included gifts to St. Mary's Church, Haddon Heights, where Genevieve Bishop is Rector, and St. Mary's Place, Ocean Grove, NJ. Genevieve and Joan were active members of St. Peter's until God got hold of Gen and decided to make her a deacon and then priest! She now belongs to the Diocese. Joan is still a member here. St. Mary's Place, as their letterhead reads, "(Provides) a place for women with cancer to heal: mind, body and soul." In addition to these gifts, monthly deposits are made into the Vicar's Discretionary Fund for the purpose of ministering to persons in need, in our church, in the local community, and the broader St. Peter's community. All gifts are anonymous between the Vicar and the recipient. Any information our St. Peter's members and friends have regarding such needs are kept between the intermediary and the Vicar. Do not hesitate to speak with the Vicar about personal need or the needs of others of whom you are aware. Donations to the Discretionary Fund via the envelopes you will find so identified in the pew racks are certainly encouraged and always welcomed.

OUR MONTHLY BIBLE STUDY will resume on Thursday, December 6. We meet in the Parish House at 10:30 a.m. and conclude at noon with the recitation of the Angelus. The December meetings will focus upon Advent themes from the Bible.

MINUTES OF THE MISSION COMMITTEE meetings are always available for your perusal. A copy of the approved minutes are posted on the bulletin board in the Parish House. By "approved minutes" is meant a prior month's meeting's minutes will be available, e.g., minutes of our September meeting, having been approved at the October meeting, will be posted after the October meeting.

LAST MONTH'S NEWSLETTER TOLD the story of Christian catechesis. One form this takes at St. Peter's is what we call the Inquirer's Class. It is precisely that: a time of inquiry into Christian theology, Church history, canon law, Christian responsibility to the community of faith (St. Peter's) and the broader human community.

There will be a Diocesan-wide Confirmation at Trinity Cathedral sometime in the spring. This can be the culmination of the Inquirer's Class process. It doesn't have to be, for our Inquirer's Classes are open to all who attend Mass at St. Peter's, and some of these will be confirmed Episcopalians. But, for those of you who are not confirmed, or who have not been received into this church from the Roman Catholic Church (you are likely already confirmed), the Inquirer's Class is an opportunity for you to prepare for official membership in the Episcopal Church, and in St. Peter's Church particularly. Those of you who are not Episcopalians by definition, but who in your heart are very much so - especially in your active relationship with St. Peter's family - ought to have your names in our Parish Registry as confirmed or received into this church, or by letter of transfer from another Episcopal church. If I do not hear from you prior to beginning preparation for our Inquirer's Classes, you will be receiving a letter from me early in the beginning of next year inviting you to participate in our Inquirer's Class. DLT+

OUR NEW WEBSITE IS UP AND RUNNING! Log on to You will be proud of our new website! It is attractive. It is easy to maneuver around in. It "shouts" with good news about St. Peter's-at-the-Light! We are deeply indebted to our own Julie Grace for many hours of labor to give us this fresh, new look!

IMPORTANT OCTOBER DATES! BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES! Donald Furrer (01); Evelyn Anderson (08); Bernadette Laforte (09); Craig Rathbun (10); David and Booker Deakyne, Anniversary (10); Ingrid Ciaston (12); J. Andrew and Hilary Turner Erikson, Anniversary (13); Linda White (20); Debbie MacArthur (20); Joan Stacy (22); Ken and Lisa Montgomery, Anniversary (24); Ben and Patti Gould, Anniversary; (24); and Al and Kathy DiAntonio, Anniversary (24). Update the list? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or