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Rick and Chris Jones, and their children Lily, Max and Ben, arrived in Barnegat Light in 2002 and have loved spending every summer here since then. This place has been the anchor in their peripatetic life, which took them from Philadelphia to Belgium to Boston and back to Philadelphia again. Max and Ben have spent many summers as lifeguards on the island beaches. St. Peter’s-at- the-Light has been their church home over the years and they are pleased to join as members now.

Lily lives in Los Angeles and works at United Talent Agency. Max is a senior majoring in environmental science and economics and Ben is a sophomore exploring veterinarian medicine, both at The University of Pennsylvania. Rick is a biotech investor and entrepreneur and Chris invests in rural communities through a fund that she founded with a partner. All have found the peace and friendships of Barnegat Light and St. Peter’s-at-the-Light a source of great joy.

Jimmy and Susan Keaton are lifelong Episcopalians and longtime members of Grace Episcopal Church in Hulmeville, PA. Both born in Philadelphia, they spent most of their lives in Lower Bucks County where they ran a successful family business and raised two children. The Keatons bought a shore/boat house in Tuckerton in 2001. They found St. Peter’s-at-the-Light when their daughter, Patti Keaton Gould answered an ad for the organist position in 2007. They quickly bonded with Father Don, Candy, and the wonderful congregation.

In 2010, Jimmy and Susan retired to Tuckerton and embarked upon their lifelong dream of sailing off into the sunset. While they haven’t quite sailed off into the sunset, they have done extensive coastal cruising and are now in the middle of the Great Loop – a circumnavigation of the east coast. They frequently come home from the water to visit their son, Jacob, and his wife Meghan, who live in Washington D.C., and their daughter Patti and her husband Ben and their three children, Simon, Harry, and Milo (all grandchildren were baptized at St. Peter’s-at-the-Light) who live in Towson, MD.

TO BE RECEIVED INTO THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH by Bishop William “Chip” Stokes on May 11, at Trinity Cathedral in Trenton, will be our newest member, Maribeth Kipp-McGrover. Maribeth is already assisting in the work of the Altar Guild. Her picture and biographical sketch will appear in the June issue of The Lower Lights.

(Please note: pictures of our seven new members are available via the e-mail issue of this newsletter. If you’d like to see them, and are not on our newsletter e-mail list, please send us your contact information.)

THE “GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE” CREATED by Donna and Dick Evleth, assisted by Lois Stiles, was as lovely as ever for our 12-hour Watch Before the Altar of Repose on Maundy Thursday. The Evleth’s also donated all of the flora for the Garden. For those of you who are not familiar with this, in front of the altar are placed many flowers and greenery, creating a garden. After the Last Supper, just prior to his crucifixion the following day, Jesus took refuge in a garden on the Mount of Olives where he prayed all night long. On several occasions he stopped praying and came to check on his disciples. He always found them sleeping. Disappointed, he said, “Could you not watch with me one hour?” We have this record of those who watched faithfully through the night: Peggy Caffrey, Maribeth McGrover, Donna McGrath, Pat Feeney, Allacen Rathbun, Craig Rathbun, Greg Albright, Walter Whimpenny, Marie Whimpenny, Joni Bakum, Tony Bakum, Jim Girgenti, Cynthia Clarke, Candace Turner, Joanne Kranch, Nancy Rudko, and Adele Mount. The focus of watching and devotion is a veiled ciborium (this is a chalice with a cap on it) on the altar. Our Lord is present in the hosts that are in the ciborium. The hosts were consumed at the 8 a.m. Good Friday Mass of the Presanctified.

WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR OUR ALTAR GUILD MEMBERS who assisted in various ways throughout the Lenten Season and through Holy Week and Easter. The labors of Joanne Kranch, Jim Girgenti, and Candace Turner often transcended the specific work related to the Altar Guild. Thanks to all of you!

IMPORTANT MAY DATES: BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES: Marie Stone (01); Richard Plunkett (07); Donald Furrer (10); Evelyn and Allan Anderson, Anniversary (10); Laura Sposato (11); and J. William Claren (31). Are you missing? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or

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OUR ADULT BIBLE STUDY CONTINUES on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. at the Vicarage. We conclude at noon with the reading of the Angelus. During Eastertide the Regina Coeli is recited instead of the Angelus. Coffee (and sometimes delicacies) is served!

SUNDAY MAY 26 BEGINS OUR SEASON of two Sunday Masses, 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. The early Mass will be a said service, the later Mass is sung. As in the past, the later Mass is followed by a Coffee Hour in the Parish House. The schedule of two Sunday Masses will continue through the Sunday of the Labor Day weekend.