The Lower Lights

Musing on Christian Formation

ST. PETER’S OUTREACH MINISTRY CONTINUES TO GROW. I believe it was early in 2005, maybe 2006, when a couple approached me at the door of the church just after Mass and said they wanted to give a gift of money for Outreach Ministry. It was a substantial gift. That gift set your Mission Committee on a journey. Every year from that point forward that couple’s initial gift was held as a bench mark for the Mission Committee for a like amount for the Outreach portion of our budget. A couple of years later, the Mission Committee added another 20% to the Outreach budget line.

Down through the years we have been blessed by increased giving for Outreach so that our current budget line item for Outreach is $30,000. This does not include our Marks of Mission request from the Diocese (formerly known as “Fair Share”).

We are preparing the church budget for 2019. The line item for Outreach is going to be increased thanks to a generous gift from Linda and Robert White. It should be no surprise to those of us who know Linda and Bob that they welcome the use of their resource to feed the hungry. I have discussed with them their plan to provide meals for children in the local school systems who need help in paying for not only their school lunches, but provisions that are made for them by the schools for food on the weekends. Of course, we are referencing children from needy families in Long Beach and Stafford Townships.

I will be discussing with members of the Mission Committee the mechanics of implementing these resources and how we can keep the “Feed the Children Fund” that the Whites have established as an ongoing testimony to their faithful response to Our Lord’s words, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” (Matthew 25: 34b-35a NRSV)


“REPLICA ART” AND ST. PETER’S CHURCH Replica art is an art work that is a copy of an original. It is said to be the highest compliment to an artist when another artist creates a copy of her or his work. So Sandro Botticelli would be honored to know that there will be a replica of his Cestello Annunciation hanging in our Sacristy after it will be blessed during the Mass on Sunday, October 28.

Botticelli, ca. 1445-1510, was an early Renaissance painter of Florence, Italy. He painted this version of the Annunciation in 1489. Marie Voranger Maniez, who replicated his work which will soon adorn our Sacristy, was a communicant of St. Peter’s until a couple of years prior to her death in 2013. She and Michel Maniez, who will present her gift on October 28, were married at St. Peter’s. When in residence here they resided on 3rd Street. Their home in France was in Marseille.

Marie was well known in art circles in France, her crowning achievements are the many murals that may be seen in castles throughout Europe. Some of her murals may be found in churches in France.

We are much indebted to Michel, who decided that this painting should belong to St. Peter’s, given in memory of Marie.

JUST A THOUGHT . . . you might want to consider increasing your pledge to your church, in thanksgiving for all your blessings, by 10% for 2019. Just a thought. It would be most helpful for your Mission Committee to plan on a little extra income for the coming year.

DON’T FORGET! SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK for Sunday, November 4, or you will find yourself at the church an hour before Mass begins! Spring ahead, Fall behind! That Sunday we will have a Solemn Mass (among other things meaning that incense will be used). We will remember the faithful departed during the Canon of the Mass. Information sheets for you to enter the names of family members and friends whom you'd like to have remembered that day were in the worship bulletins on October 21, and will be available again the 28th. Father Turner will receive this information until noon on Wednesday, October 31 ( or 609 494-5048). Please give only the first and last names of the deceased. Please do not enter any other information, such as “the Alexander family.” The faithful departed will be remembered by their Christian names and surnames only.

OUTREACH IN OCTOBER included gifts to the General Store (food bank) at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Whiting; Barnegat Light Fire Company; and for the Loads of Love ministry of the Manahawkin United Methodist Church.

VICAR AND CANDY AWAY November 5 through the 27th. If there is a pastoral need or emergency, please call Father Doug Eberly (609) 398-9330. Father Richard Smith will celebrate the Healing Mass on Wednesday, November 7 at noon. He will also celebrate and preach at the Masses on November 11 and 18. Father Eberly will celebrate and preach on November 25.

THE ANNUAL ST. PETER’S - ZION LUTHERAN joint Thanksgiving service will be at Zion on Sunday, November 18. The pot luck (carry in) dinner will be at 5 p.m. and worship at 6. Let’s have the best representation ever in Father Turner’s absence! (Your Vicar is always the preacher at this service.)

OUR ADULT BIBLE STUDY will resume on Thursday, December 6. We meet in the Parish House at 10:30 a.m. and conclude at noon with the recitation of the Angelus. The December meetings will focus upon Advent themes from the Bible.

IMPORTANT NOVEMBER DATES! BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES! Roger and Mary Stead, Anniversary (01); Walter and Marie Whimpenny, Anniversary (02); Walter Whimpenny (03); Beverly Bass (06); Tammy Stiles (07); Candace Turner (07); Stephanie Schnatz (23); Barry and Judie Putt, Anniversary (25); and Cynthia Shull (26). Update the list? Notify Fr. Turner (609) 494-5048 or