Policy on Marriage

At least one of the couple must be an Episcopalian or a member of a sister church of the Anglican Communion. Both or one will be regularly attending Mass at an Episcopal church or a church of the Anglican Communion. If neither meet the aforementioned criteria, and are local persons seeking a church home, they may be married at St. Peter's if they are regularly attending Mass here, and enroll in our Inquirers' Class.

After your initial contact with the Vicar you will be sent a copy of the Guidelines. At the time of your first call, no decision will be made by the Vicar to celebrate your marriage because you will want to read the Guidelines. After reading them, we hope you will still want to be married at St. Peter's. If so, please make the second contact with the Vicar. At that time a date will be set and plans made for your visits with the Vicar to prepare for your marriage. We wish you every blessing in your continuing journey together!

Please note that if you are going to be married at St. Peter's it is best to set the date of the wedding first, and then make contacts for your reception. The Episcopal calendar and other factors may have an effect on your choice of a date.