Lunch Bunch

Wednesday Lunch Bunch Fellowship

Lunch Bunch began with a concern that some of the pillars of our community were struggling to stay connected to us as they age.  The challenge was how to make it possible for some wonderfully faithful people to continue to experience Christian fellowship, even as these found themselves staying home more.  And so “Lunch Bunch” was born!  What we quickly discovered is that all of us are blessed by our Lunch Bunch connections. 

On Wednesdays, beginnng about 11:30, we gather to prepare a simple meal together, to share our stories, and then to clean up together (about 1:00) .  We then return to a world too often filled with noise but not deep and honest connection. 

This is the way Jesus spent most of the 3 years of his public ministry. He paid attention to people.  He asked questions.  He listened to their stories.  And his touch through these very simple times of fellowship was remarkable! 

If you are free on any Wednesday, join us!   Someone will probably hand you some plates to set the table and you will feel right at home!   This is the blessing of true Christian fellowship.