An Island & Lighthouse Faith Community

Island living is a gift.  Walking the warm summer sands at sunrise or sunset brings the gift of peace.  The steady, reliable sound of the ocean waves calms and reassures our hearts.  Taking in the salt air, we know that God’s beauty and mystery infuse our very lives.  We know the gift of God’s presence when the ocean breeze blows and clears our thoughts. 

St. Peter’s sits at the northernmost end of the Long Beach Island, a few short blocks from a lighthouse that sends its sure and steady beams into every dark night, guiding those within its reach to safety and rest.  We have a warm, beautfiul church building in which we can gather for worship and prayer.   We have a parish house in which we can share meals and stories and projects.  And we have a restful, shaded garden open to all, complete with a koi pond and a memorial garden.  We – and everyone who spends time in this corner of God’s world – are indeed blessed! 

Whether you find your way to us for a day or for a week, or for a season or for a year, we hope you experience in our midst a light that will strengthen your faith and your hope.  When you leave us, we pray that an experience of island and lighthouse faith will carry you on this journey of life until we meet again!