A place of welcome!

A Place of Light & Welcome
In the Shadow of the Lighthouse

We live in a world that longs for light.

 We know that Jesus is the Light of the world.

 Like our nearby Barnegat Light lighthouse, we have stood through generations, seeking only to brighten & guide the world’s travelers with God’s love.

 The beacon from the lighthouse does not discriminate, but lights the way for everyone.  We strive to do the same.  Come and see!

If you make your way to us – whether for a day or for a lifetime – we will always welcome you.  Why?  Because we are Episcopal followers of Jesus.  Episcopalians treasure hospitality.  Episcopalians know that God leads us through forward through tradition, scripture, and reason.  And tradition, scripture, and reason all say that God’s love for all is visible when we welcome all.

Come!  You are welcome here!