Drop-In Bible Exploring!

We began exploring Paul’s letters in the Fall season of 2023… and we’ll be here a while!

Yes, you can drop in!  Even if you are only visiting!  And we don’t care if you are a regular at digging into scriptrue or if you’ve never looked at it before!  

We are quite an assorted lot … and therein lies the richness of our bible study.  We aren’t all Episcopalians. In fact, we aren’t even all Christians!  We are all people who can agree that “God’s Word is living and active.”  And all living things thrive with strong connections.  We are people who are building connections, hearing the reflections of others, considering what scholars have said, adn listening for the truth that God is still active and leading us through the Word of Scripture.  We discover the richess of scripture more readily when we explore it together. 


What’s our Friday morning Bible study like?  Well, we aren’t as much “studying” scripture as being blessed by it!   We try to read it fresh, every time.  Everyone is welcome!  You can either come into the parish house at 10 a.m. on Friday,  or you can log into zoom and join us remotely!

Join Bible Study Fridays at 10 a.m. here