We must love, in action and in truth, for every human being is a beloved child of God.  It is not possible to be a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus unless we attend to the needs of those who might seem least inportant.  

Our St. Peter’s community strives to be faithful to our baptismal commitment by:

  • trying to recognize and serve Christ in every person,
  • finding concrete ways to love our neighbors,  
  • working toward a world in whcih all people will one day experience God’s justice and peace, and 
  • responding always to others with great respect for this dignity as children fo God!

There are so many ways to serve!  Though we are small, we are mighty in energy, thanks to God’s good grace.  Come journey with us to experience some grace-filled Christian service ministries!  You are also always welcome to participate in our St. Peter’s formation ministries – those that lead us deeper into the mysteries of God!