Touching History… Tuesday Open House!

Christians of every age stand on the shoulders of those of the past and we are enriched by their lives and their stories.  Touch history by visiting our little church outside of a church service!  It has quite a story! 

Open House is held at 11 a.m. every Tuesday from July 13th through August 29th. 

Wander right on in!

Check out the “Triptych”, a beautiful, folding, three-part work of art behind the altar, depicting moments ins the the life of St. Peter.

Find the symbols of life in a fishing village and the images of flora and fauna of Long  Beach Island.  These are hidden in our stained glass windows!

See for yourself the beautiful carvings in the woodwork….

…and then sit in a pew and be refreshed!

This is a gracious and peace-filled place of blessings.

Watch out!  You just might want to return again and again!