Worship 11/7

Sunday mornings at St. Peter’s are set aside for worship of God and fellowship with the community.  We gather each Sunday as a community bearing all that is on our hearts – our joys, our hopes, our worries, and even our sorrows.  We gather together not merely as individuals, but as a community of God’s people.  

As a community of God’s people, we bear each other’s burdens and we celebrate each other’s joy.  But there is more… We also bear all the joys and the sorrows, the hopes and the fears of the world around us.  And none of us can carry all of that alone.  We need each other, though we are as different from each other as the fingers on your hand!  And so, each Sunday morning, we choose to stand together before God, bearing the joys and hopes and concerns and fears our our world – and, yes, perhaps even our regrets.

We have two worship services every week:

Sunday at 10 a.m.

Saturday at 5 p.m.

Our Sunday Eucharist is filled with music and reflection and communal prayer.  It is the time and space when we stand together to hear and respond to God and the work God calls us to do in this world. 

Our Sunday Eucharist is easy to follow and our welcome will always be warm.  Those who cannot join us are welcome to participate by zoom.  You can follow this link:

Click here to join Eucharist

If you have trouble with the link, please email officestpeterslbi2@gmail.com and we will send additional instructions for future reference. 

Our Sunday worship is always followed by a brief time of fellowship.  You see, our worship binds our hearts to those around us.  Sharing a bit of time together after worship, getting to meet each other and hear each other’s stories helps strengthen that bond – especially when all of that is accompanied by a snack and a fresh cup of tea or coffee – or even a glass of water!       

Our worship is part of our fellowship and our fellowship is part of our worship.